Heavy Duty Manual Clamps

March 30, 2012
Ideal for an array of demanding applications, DESTACO’s 5000 Series HD Clamps are making an immense impact on the welding, automotive, agriculture, and transportation industries. This innovative series of manual toggle clamps stand apart from the competition for its rugged construction and uniquely designed pivot points with hardened pins inside durable steel bushings. 

These pins do not rotate in the joint, delivering superior life over traditional toggle clamp designs. The 5000 Series HD Clamps also feature forged alloy steel clamping bars, which can be easily modified to suit unique application requirements. 

 “Our new HD series is unlike any other of its kind and can withstand the hefty workload and materials of the most intense applications,” Global Product Manager Ken Hagan said. “We’ve successfully created a way to bridge the gap between stamped and riveted clamping constructions through these heavy duty clamps.” DESTACO’s HD 5000 Series offer the innovative DE-STA-CO® Toggle Lock Plus option to prevent unintentional opening and are equipped with ergonomic safety grips and multiple-base mounting options 

  • forged alloy steel clamping bars
  • Toggle Lock Plus option