DC Powered Actuators Brochure

April 18, 2012
Exlar announces itsTritex II™ DC Powered Actuators Brochure is now available, highlighting the actuators’ functionality, communication protocols and application compatibility. The brochure can be conveniently downloaded from Exlar’s website or can be delivered in print form upon request.Tritex II DC actuators offer the ideal, self-contained actuator solution for customers needing 12-48 VDC power input. 

These actuators house the servo drive, digital positioner and electric actuator all in one, compact package to maximize power and optimize efficiency. With forces to approximately 1,000 lbs continuous and 1,300 lbs peak and speeds to 33 in/sec, Tritex II DC actuators offer power unparalleled by other integrated solutions, without sacrificing performance or reliability.Providing versatile I/O capabilities, including digital I/O, analog I/O and communication buses, such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET IO, Tritex II DC actuators quickly and easily connect to industry devices. With standard features such as analog following for position, compound moves, move chaining and individual force/torque control for each move, these actuators can accommodate diverse and challenging motion control requirements.Tritex II DC actuators are capable of delivering both linear and rotary motion control. Plus, with their diverse operation capabilities, numerous agency approvals and ability to withstand temperatures from -20° to +65°C, Tritex II DC actuators are ideal for a wide range of even the most demanding applications.