Drive Option for the Falk V-Class Gear Drive

April 20, 2012

Rexnord Corporation announces it is now offering an inching drive option for the Falk V-Class gear drive, a line of gear drives designed for maximum uptime and durable performance.   This optional standard package will enable the V-Class gear drive to offer reliable full load inching operation. This allows slow-speed operation of equipment for inspection and maintenance purposes. It can also be run continuously to prevent freeze-up of components in harsh and cold weather environments when facilities may be temporarily not in production.  

“We’ve had numerous requests for an inching drive, especially from the grain handling, processing and cement industries,” said Jason Quackenbush, marketing manager, engineered drives at Rexnord. “Offering this unique design as a factory option allows us to meet the specific application needs of these customers.”   The inching drive utilizes a Falk Ultramite gear drive that is integrally mounted to the main gear drive unit coupled via an overrunning clutch. This allows the inching drive to be automatically disengaged when the main motor is operating. These features and a standardized product offering allow for unmatched performance and availability.  

The Falk V-Class gear drive incorporates the latest advances in materials technology, engineering design, and manufacturing processes to produce a tough, reliable gearbox that excels in today’s demanding applications. These advancements, along with innovative mounting and cooling accessories, provide a reliable, sustainable gearbox that outperforms the competition. Features are built into the drive to bring customers maximum uptime in a smaller drive at a lower total cost of ownership. 

  • reliable full load inching operation