Low-Profile Capacitive Sensor

May 4, 2012

A new low-profile capacitive sensor from Baumer reliably detects objects in confined spaces such as low rise conveyors, automated handling equipment or industrial machinery. Designed with a very flat housing and versatile mounting frame, the CFDK 25 Capacitive Sensor requires much less space than photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors and can be countersunk flush for easy integration into machines and facilities. Measuring just 6 mm high, the sensor can be directly attached to a work surface or set into an innovative mounting frame that allows easy, snap-in-place installation and removal.  

The frame can be installed with screws, cable ties, Velcro fasteners or glue, and allows the sensor to be easily removed and re-installed into another mounting frame with no tools required. Five fixed sensing distances from 2 to 15 mm supersede a potentiometer and turn the CFDK 25 into a plug-and-play solution. To guarantee chemical resistance and extended life under demanding conditions, the housing of the  CFDK 25 Capacitive Sensor is made of the robust plastic Polyamid 12. 

The sensor is ideal for detecting wafers and PCBs on electronic production lines, for liquid level detection in laboratory processing, and for object detection in printing and packaging machines. 

  • detects objects in confined spaces
  • sensing distances from 2 to 15 mm