Equipto Workcenters are available as wall mount or free-standing units, with or without drawers, and include a large variety of accessories, so businesses can take full advantage of their available work space. They allow electrical, fluid and air supplies to be kept in convenient locations. Workcenters easily combine tools and storage space into one area. The overall efficient and ergonomic design increases employee comfort, which leads to increased productivity. The Workcenters are appropriate for a wide range of applications including: automotive- service, parts and office; education- office and maintenance; healthcare - labs, maintenance, and office; maintenance - service and parts; manufacturing in-plant offices, work cells, and maintenance; military - service, maintenance, and parts; office - customer service, shipping/receiving. 

The Equipto Workcenter line includes:

  • Modular Drawer Cabinet Workcenters to maximize storage density.
  • Closed and Pedestal Leg Workcenters to keep tools and parts out of sight.
  • Open Leg Workcenters which provide economical work spaces.
  • Tech Bench Workcenters, which offer a modern answer for keeping reels, hoses, manuals and computer monitors neat and organized.
  • Adjustable Height Iron-I Workcenters
  • Tear Down Benches

Workcenters are completely customizable to fit any work space need and are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles. They are available in wood, steel, stainless steel, laminate and several options for tops and work surfaces are available, including esd (anti-static) tops. Equipto offers a wide range of accessories to further customize the Workcenter. 

  • wall mount or free-standing units