Centric Grippers with Swivel Fingers

May 16, 2012

Centric grippers with swivel fingers are an ideal solution if parts with various gripper diameters need to be alternately handled. Instead of exchanging top jaws or complete grippers every time, the fingers simply swivel into another position. With the PZH-SF 125, SCHUNK extends the program range of these versatile actuators with smaller sizes. 

At a diameter of 125 mm, the slim, long-stroke gripper allows for an opening stroke of 22 mm per finger in radial direction. Its opening angle is 100 degrees. Depending on the jaw position, it is suitable for gripping diameters between 78 mm and 122 mm, and can be used for I.D. and O.D. gripping. For large diameters, or for special applications, the length and shape of the fingers can be individually adjusted. 

In case of these adaptations, every gripper finger is equipped with a rotary flange With its double actuating pneumatic pistons, the PZH-SF 125 disposes of high compact performance which is twice as high in comparison to the mass of conventional centric grippers. 

  • fingers simply swivel into another position
  • diameter of 125 mm
  • can be used for I.D. and O.D. gripping