Bernard has announced the availability of its new FILTAIR® Fume Extraction Gun. The FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun complements FILTAIR Systems from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and includes upgraded features compared to the Clean Air™ Gun Series Bernard previously offered. It is available in 300- and 400-amp configurations and is well suited for almost any solid wire welding application. The FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun features a vacuum regulator at the front of the handle, which allows for balance of suction with shielding gas flow to protect against porosity, and ensure both efficient source capture and reliable welding performance. 

The gun’s smaller vacuum chamber also allows for better joint access and increased visibility, while a smaller, lightweight handle (compared to the Clean Air Gun) features a vacuum hose swivel at the rear of the handle that helps improve operator comfort and control. The gun is composed of a chrome-plated front end that resists spatter adhesion and features a 50-degree neck bend, which provides excellent wire feeding characteristics. The FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun is compatible with Centerfire™ and Quik Tip™ Series consumables, both of which provide excellent arc starting capabilities, reduce spatter and provide more consistent welds than many competitive consumables. 

Centerfire consumables feature a “drop-in” contact tip with no threads that can be changed quickly after a burnback (without tools) to minimize downtime. Centerfire contact tips also remain centered even after hard use to ensure consistent weld quality and they can be rotated 360 degrees to create new wear surfaces and extend tip life. The Quik Tip Series consumables feature a threaded taper lock that increases contact tip life by providing excellent heat transfer and electrical conductivity, along with gas diffusers that have positive stops. These stops help secure Quik Tip nozzles in a fixed position for superior repeatability and consistent, quality welds. Bernard offers the FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun with 10-, 15- and 25-foot cable lengths.

  • 300- and 400-amp configurations
  • vacuum regulator at the front of the handle