Strong Hand Tools® is proud to introduce the New All Purpose Sheet Metal Magnets. These super strong Sheet Metal Magnets feature a magnetic disc base (over 3” in diameter) with a screw on / off large plastic EZ Grip handle for placing, moving, and removing the Magnets. The large magnetic surface area of each Sheet Metal Magnet delivers 120 lbs. of magnetic force to firmly hold sheet metal, or automotive metal panels firmly in place in butt welding, tacking, welding, painting or repair applications. 

The magnetic base is covered with a no-mar, replaceable rubber pad that protects delicate work surfaces, such as automotive panels. The rubber pads can be replaced when dirty or worn.  Rare earth magnets in the magnetic base of the Sheet Metal Magnets provide superior gripping power for a strong hold while you work. Multiple Sheet Metal Magnets can be used to hold long metal panels together for butt welding. 

The generously sized, bright orange safety handles provide good leverage, high visibility, and ease of handling. The Sheet Metal Magnets are sold in a Twin Pack. 

  • magnetic disc base
  • 120 lbs. of magnetic force
  • bright orange safety handles