The new SV-20 honing system is the first competitively priced large-part machine for job-shop part production with a true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on compressors, oilfield components, automotive/truck blocks and similar parts. Ideal for job shops and repair facilities, the SV-20 is equipped with a variable-speed 15-550 rpm, 4.1-kW (5.5 hp) spindle motor, powerful enough to drive two-stage, metal-bond, diamond abrasives for short cycle times with high accuracy and minimal labor. The SV-20’s linear stroking system keeps the honing tool concentric with the bore throughout the full stroke length to produce a consistent diameter from top to bottom of the bore. The machine's work envelope of 915 mm x 1015 mm (36" x 40"), front-loading design, and weight capacity up to 680 kg (1500 lb) combine for versatility in processing a wide range of large parts. The SV-20 can be used to hone bores with inside diameters from 19-200 mm (0.75-8.00").             

The PLC-controlled SV-20 utilizes a color touch screen, with a toggle switch to jog for fast setup. The swiveling operator panel can be adjusted for viewing from a variety of positions. A hand wheel on the machine allows left/right positioning of the column on its 760-mm (30”) X-axis. The machine comes standard with a 208-litre (55-gallon) internal coolant system equipped with two standard canister filters.             

The SV-20’s rotary servo tool feed system can be used with two-stage hone heads to complete roughing and finishing without stone changes for faster processing times. The machine is compatible with all of Sunnen's past and current tooling for CK/CV/SV-series machines, including diamond abrasive hone heads and brushes, GHSS single-stage hone heads with CBN or diamond abrasives and brushes, and GHTS hone heads for two-stage honing with CBN or diamond abrasives. The SV-20 is available with a 400V/50Hz/3Ph or 460V/60Hz/3Ph electrical system. Options include a T-slot base, manual rollover cradle for engine blocks, and sump pump to allow connection to an external coolant supply. 

  • precision bore geometries
  • 4.1-kW (5.5 hp) spindle motor
  • work envelope of 915 mm x 1015 mm