Misting Systems Beat the Summer Heat

June 1, 2012
Create the ultimate cooling station for any occasion with new fans from the Big Ass Fan Company that take the cooling power of tons of air conditioning on the move, for only pennies per hour. The 8-ft. AirGo and the virtually indestructible Yellow Jacket  are now available with high-pressure, filtered misting systems to produce a cooling effect equivalent to 22 and 11 tons, respectively, of air conditioning wherever you need it – and at a fraction of the cost. 

The new systems feature an ultra-fine atomized mist that absorbs heat in the air and allows hot outdoor settings to provide a safe cooling zone. Equally at home on the football sidelines, in a dairy barn, a distribution center, or on a dining terrace, these systems are available as additions to the Big Ass Fan Company’s tried-and-true AirGo, a mobile 8-ft. vertical fan, and the smashingly durable™ Yellow Jacket. 

"There are a thousand uses for the AirGo fan, and it moves really easily,” said Bill Holmes, executive director of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. “We've come up with so many uses that have been extremely beneficial to the operation and to cost effectiveness.”

  • ultra-fine atomized mist
  • moves really easily