The XL4 3.5" Color OCS is the first 1/4 DIN All-in-one Controller to support Online Programming changes.  This capability allows automation engineers to modify logic "on-the-fly" without placing the controller in stop mode while troubleshooting.  This is a critical startup feature in many industries, previously only available in PLCs. Other notable features for the XL4 include built-in Ethernet and CAN ports as standard, USB-A and USB-OTG, and dual serial ports.  

This lineup of peripherals, along with 32GB microSD support - means the XL4 offers by far the most connectivity in its class.  To go along with a host of built-in I/O options, the XL4 also features advanced high-speed counting capabilities - also the fastest in its class at 500 kHz or greater. 

  • supports Online Programming changes
  • built-in Ethernet and CAN ports