Insider 3 Long Tool

June 15, 2012

Count On Tools Inc. announces that PB Swiss Tools has introduced the Insider 3 Long Tool. PB Swiss Tools’ Insider combines 10 different screwdrivers into one lightweight, compact tool. The Insider is the ideal tool for precision assembly and easily fits in pockets or tool bags. With the Insider, the right bit is effortlessly installed into the magnetic holder in seconds, guaranteeing that work is safe and simple. The universal tool fits all standard 1/4" bits, including PB Swiss Tools’ line of color-coded PrecisionBits®. 

With the addition of a ratcheting module to the various ergonomic handles and 110-mm long blade, the Insider 3 Long saves customers significant time and energy while enabling comfortable, precise working in difficult-to-access locations. PB Swiss Tools’ ratchets can be used in any situation, from do-it-yourself (DIY) repair work to precision assembly operations. Additionally, the Insider 3 and its ratchet module provide tight, easy and quick rotations. All PB Swiss Tools ratchets can be switched easily with one hand, which means work can be carried out even in the most difficult conditions. The switch ratchet, a three-stage mechanism with small rotation angle (15°/24 teeth), provides simple handling and allows screws to be comfortably twisted. Due to the Multicraft handle, a high hand torque is possible even with oily hands. The Insider 3 comes with the following PB PrecisionBits: Slotted size 3 and 4; Torx size 10, 15, 20 and 25; Phillips size 2; Pozidriv size 2; and Hex size 3 and 4. 

  • 10 different screwdrivers
  • lightweight, compact
  • universal tool fits all standard 1/4" bits