Harnesses and Lanyards

June 20, 2012

FrenchCreek Production Inc. has officially unveiled its full line of STRATOS Series Products.  The innovative STRATOS Series of full body harnesses exceed expectations at the highest level.  Designed with safety, durability, and maximum comfort as the finished product, the FrenchCreek STRATOS Series hit the mark.  All STRATOS Series harnesses come complete with Strato-lite comfort shoulder/back pad and leg pads permanently affixed to keep them in the ideal position.  Strato-lite padding is specifically designed with open-celled air-mesh for breathability and moisture control for maximum comfort.  Meeting and exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards, this American Made STRATOS Series of harnesses can truly be considered the professional's choice.  

The STRATOS Harnesses are offered in the following style categories:  STRATOS Vest Style, STRATOS Construction Style, STRATOS Cross-chest Style, STRATOS Tower Style – with multiple selections of harnesses and options available under those main categories. To go along with the new design and styling of the STRATOS Harness, FCP has also launched a new line of matching STRATOS Lanyards.  All STRATOS Lanyards come standard in 6 ft. lengths with black webbing, although other options are available.  Most importantly, they also meet or exceed all applicable OSHA and ANSI Standards, including ANSI Z359.

  • Strato-lite comfort shoulder/back pad
  • open-celled air-mesh
  • moisture control