Valve Position Indicator

June 20, 2012

Netherlocks Safety Systems’ Valve Position Indicator (VPI) provides process facility control rooms with a reliable remote signal, allowing personnel to maintain awareness of handwheel-operated gate valves’ current position. In the process industry, awareness of valves’ current status is essential to avoiding injury and equipment damage. 

The VPI uses a mechanical counter to convert a valve’s open and closed positions to electronic signals. This ensures the accuracy of valve status signals sent to the control room. Each VPI is custom built, allowing customers to choose whichever electronic switch they prefer. The device mounts immediately beneath a valve’s handwheel without modifications to the valve. The VPI’s design eliminates externally mounted switches, weak welding, loose wiring and fragile brackets that cause false alarms in traditional monitoring systems. It can be mounted on both new and existing valves. 

  • reliable remote signal
  • mechanical counter