FR Classic Cotton Knit Shirt

Aug. 8, 2012

Layering garments has long been accepted as a major practice in combating arc flash-related injuries. While effective, layers tend to increase bulk, restrict free movement and require extra cleaning and care. National Safety Apparel eliminates these inconveniences with one cutting-edge, single layer solution: FR Classic Cotton™ Knit. It’s a 12 cal/cm2 collection featuring the same great quality of an NSA product with the comfort of a t-shirt and increased arc flash protection in one garment. 

The introduction of the FR Classic Cotton™ line marks a significant improvement over similar garments, which were unable to reach the 12 cal/cm² benchmark. The new line with the increased arc rating helps workers perform safely and freely both indoors and outdoors. With its soft and breathable material, the FR Classic Cotton Knit shirts look and feel just like your regular everyday garments. The all-natural 12 cal/cm2 shirts are 100 percent FR cotton and are available in a variety of colors and styles. 

  • comfort of a t-shirt
  • arc flash protection