Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

Aug. 20, 2012
Endress+Hauser introduces the Proline Promass 100 transmitter. The Promass 100 transmitter can be combined with industry-specific sensors, materials and finishes so it can be used in food, beverage, life sciences, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. The Promass 100 measures mass flow, volume flow, density, viscosity, concentration, and temperature with accuracy up to ±0.05%, and with immunity from process and environmental influences. All measurements are fully traceable as the flowmeter is certified on calibration rigs accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. Seamless system integration is possible via EtherNet/IP and Modbus RS-485 digital communication (future 4-20mA with HART and PROFIBUS DP). Wiring is via an M12 plug, allowing easy and quick connections. The flowmeter is approved for operation in Zone 2 and Class 1, Division 2 hazardous areas; and with the intrinsically safe Modbus output, it is approved for Zone 1 and Class 1, Division 1. 

The wide range of industry-optimized sensors ensure accurate measurement and compliance with guidelines and regulations in different industries. The Promass 100 can be combined with a wide variety of Endress+Hauser’s sensors, and industry preferred fitting options, finishes and certificates are available. For example, the Promass P 100 for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries is a single-tube system designed specifically for sterile processes. It meets ASME-BPE 2009, ISPE, FDA, EHEDG and 3-A process codes and standards. The Promass P 100 features a self-drainable hygienic design that is cleanable on the inside and outside, and withstands CIP/SIP cleaning cycles. The Promass S 100 for the food and beverage industries conforms to all 3-A, EHEDG and FDA requirements. It provides a gentle, non-invasive measurement of the product without causing shear force. It also is drainable and withstands CIP/SIP cycles with immediate return to normal operation, including high pressure or steam jet cleaning.  

Other models include the Promass I 100, which offers an in-line viscosity measurements option, complies with 3-A requirements and is piggable, the Promass F 100 with ultimate measurement performance and secondary containment for use in pressures up to 580 psi and compliance with EHEDH and 3-A requirements, and the economical Promass E 100 used in legacy volumetric meter replacement applications.Clear categorization of errors according to NE107 enables targeted reaction to any flowmeter or process errors. The entire instrument is constructed in a modular fashion, reducing downtime as service usually consists of just replacing the faulty module as directed by the diagnostic instructions. The Endress+Hauser HistoROM™ data handling system reduces downtime significantly, as calibration data and transmitter parameters are stored and can be automatically reloaded after a maintenance or repair event. The HistoROM data handling system also provides local data logger and event logbook functionality. The display-less Promass 100 can be commissioned either from the control room via a digital fieldbus communications link, or locally via any web browser as the instrument includes an embedded web server. The web server allows a user with the correct password to connect to the flowmeter via any web browser without any additional tools, software or communication boxes. All that is required is a LAN network cable, and a laptop with a RJ45 network plug. Web server functionality includes full parameter access, upload and download of parameter settings, troubleshooting and diagnostics. 

  • self-drainable hygienic design
  • withstands CIP/SIP cleaning cycles