Slotless Frameless Motor

Aug. 1, 2012

Applimotion introduces new models of its UTS Slotless frameless direct drive motors expanding covering sizes from 12 mm diameter to 300 mm diameter.  The slotless motor product line is optimum for smooth motion when imaging or positioning at sub-micron levels due to the zero cogging and sinusoidal torque curves. With large through holes and thin radial cross-section, the frameless kits easily integrate into your gimbal, rotary stage or automation platform. These motors offer the smoothest electromagnetic rotation possible when integrated with a servo control system with high resolution encoder and sinusoidal current control amplifier.  

Direct drive motors are finding their way into many new applications as designers see the advantages in reliability, precision, and performance, compared to traditional solutions. Applimotion frameless kits; ULT, UTH, UTO, and UTS (Slotless) are ideal for automation or motion platforms that are unique to the process allowing the customer to design an electromechanical solution that fits the key system requirements. Applimotion also offers customer direct drive motor assemblies made with these frameless motor kits. Assemblies include precision bearings and high resolution encoders    

  • sizes from 12 mm to 300 mm diameter
  • smooth motion
  • thin radial cross-section