Container Handling Systems Corporation (CHSC) announces the release of a new automatic servo driven Low Level Depalletizer, the Model 1000(AC)-60.  The Model 1000(AC)-60 Low Level Depalletizer is a rugged, competitively priced, servo driven system providing increased flexibility, reliability and accuracies.  The servo driven system provides improved flexibility in the range of layer heights that can be accommodated, improved accuracy in layer incrementing with heavy loads, such as full height pallets of glass bottles, as well as improving reliability through the reduction in the controls complexity through the elimination of many of the positioning controls required with conventional systems. 

This new system provides floor level depalletizing without the need for costly operator platforms and container lowerators and comes standard with a four point pallet lifting platform, servo driven main elevator, wide way pallet handling, newly designed Lexan Speed Frame Doors that provide better access for maintenance personnel and tolerance of leaning pallets with longer layer transfer plates and double stroke chip board grippers.

  • range of layer heights
  • Lexan Speed Frame Doors