Compact Fuse Rated 500 V AC

July 30, 2012

Schurter is pleased to announce the new series SHT 6.3x32 mm compact fuse. The series provides overcurrent protection up to 500 VAC. The high breaking capacity of 1500A at rated voltage safeguards electronic systems and operators in the event of a catastrophic short circuit incident. The compact size of the fuse, combined with its high ratings and performance, makes it suitable for a much broader range of applications than a typical 6.3x32 mm fuse.  The SHT series time-lag characteristic is according to UL 248-14. 

It is initially available in ten rated currents ranging from 1 to 8 A. To accompany the fuse, Schurter offers a broad range of panel or board mount clips and holders for 6.3x32 mm fuses. Alternatively, the SHT is available with pigtail leads for direct mounting to the printed circuit board. The many mounting options provide for various design possibilities, depending on application requirements for fuse accessibility, replaceability, and overall assembly cost. The Schurter fuseholders can also be used with like fuses on the market. Conversely, the SHT can be substituted in applications where such fuses are currently being used.  The SHT fuse series is especially suited for the primary protection of three phase systems and a wide range of industrial applications such as HVAC systems, photovoltaic, frequency converters and power electronics. The lead-free fuse is RoHS compliant and cURus approved. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85° C. 

  • overcurrent protection up to 500 VAC
  • breaking capacity of 1500A
  • ten rated currents