V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades

Sept. 19, 2012

For cutting in food processing applications or through the toughest vacuum-sealed packaging, new V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) slices cleanly through foam, rubber, plastics, fabric, plastic films and foods to deliver crisp cuts time after time, production run after production run. Designed for Food Processing, Converting, Foam, Rubber, Plastics and a myriad of Packaging manufacturing applications, the extra-sharp Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades reduces waste resulting from the tearing and crumbing of products. 

Also known as guillotine blades, these blades are designed specifically to cut through a wide range of soft to medium-firm products and materials. They can be used across a wide range of cutting applications from slicing bread or creating packaging for the latest computer tablet. Hyde IBS V-Tooth Serrated Straight Blades come in a variety of standard, variable height and multi-tooth configurations and scalloped or wave-edged designs. These razor-sharp blades are engineered on 5-axis grinding machines and are available in a range of sizes from 2” to 48” in length. 

Depending upon the cutting application, these blades can be produced in variety of steel alloys including carbon, high-speed and stainless steels.

  • crisp cuts time after time
  • multi-tooth configurations
  • scalloped or wave-edged designs