Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitors

Sept. 5, 2012

GD-888 SERIES of portable, infrared Carbon Dioxide gas monitors can measure full ranges of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) up to 1% in 10 ppm increments, 10%, or 100% Volume. Standard accessories include a battery charger, AC power supply, tubing, and operation manual. Weighing about two pounds, the GD-888 SERIES includes an internal sample pump, backlight, adjustable alarms, digital display, outputs, and numerous push button options. 

Carrying cases, calibration kits, and a datalogger with cable and Windows PC software are some of the optional accessories available. The GD-888 SERIES is applicable for use in office ventilation systems, cooling systems, hazardous environments, laboratory and research projects, food related industries, breweries, mushroom growing, greenhouse horticulture, welding, and various other applications where Carbon Dioxide or IAQ levels need monitoring.

  • can measure full ranges of Carbon Dioxide
  • battery charger
  • internal sample pump