V Port Ball Valve

Sept. 12, 2012

Assured Automation announces its new V Series modulating ball valve for achieving precision process control. This valve line is designed for control of pressure, temperature, flow and level. Valve body is available in carbon or stainless steel with NPT, Socket Weld, Tri-Clamp and 150# or 300# Flanged end connections. Sizes available are 1/2" through 8". 

Control signal options include 4-20 MA and 3-15 PSI. The V Series V-Port Ball Valves offer better and more consistent control than traditional round ported ball valves. The simple ball valve construction makes Assured Automation's V-notched valves preferable to common control valves due to its inherent shutoff capability, high flow capacity, ease of use and maintenance, and a rotary stem that makes these control valves perfect for throttling applications.The throttling component of the ball valve is constructed from a solid stainless steel ball, not a seat insert. V Series modulating ball valves are characterized to meet your custom flow requirements. 

Assured Automation's V Series Valves have been used successfully in applications for maintaining flow rates, for controlling pressure and discharge temperatures, maintaining tank levels and regulating heat jacket temperatures. 

  • body is available in carbon or stainless steel
  • high flow capacity
  • rotary stem