Brush DC Motors - Portescap

Sept. 6, 2012

Portescap introduces 12GS motors to their Athlonix™ platform of high-power density brush dc motors. New 12GS high endurance motors deliver spectacular speed-to-torque performance in a compact lighter weight package (13.5 g / 0.47 oz) with output power up to 1.2 watts. This enables OEMs to build smaller, lighter, and higher performing machines and devices. 12GS motors also feature an energy efficient coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit to maximize power density, while also providing sustained endurance over the life of the motor. 

The 12GS brush dc motors are available with 3 winding options to suit varied application needs. Customers appreciate the 12GS motor’s optimized package size-to-performance ratio, which is among the best in the industry; offering 10% less volume for the same performance and 50% more torque in the same package.  “Our new size 12GS motors provide energy efficiency approaching 80%, allowing users to benefit from increased performance over the life of the motor, especially in portable applications” says Lionel Munsch, Project Manager at Portescap. “Design engineers will realize the benefit of 12GS motors because they will be able to miniaturize their equipment without compromising on power density, efficiency or battery life,” he says.   

Athlonix 12GS motors provide maximum continuous torque up to 1.5 mNm to deliver higher endurance and performance while maintaining operational efficiency. This makes 12GS motors ideally suited for use in life science and medical applications including fluid handling machines, insulin pumps, and collimators. 

  • spectacular speed-to-torque performance
  • output power up to 1.2 watts
  • 3 winding options