RFID System - Balluff Inc

Sept. 6, 2012

The Balluff BIS V Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is founded on a new generation of RFID processors that maximize your flexibility by providing a single device for both low frequency 125 KHz and high frequency 13.56 MHz read/write heads with an IO-Link master port. Combining up to four head capability on both frequencies with local analog, valve manifold or I/O access/control, provides a solution you can apply to many types of RFID applications. This can save time and cost using a single processor platform across your application installation base. The BIS V system also allows you to draw on a single processor family with a wide array of read/write head and RFID tag options for both manufacturing and logistics solutions.   The BIS V RFID system offers a higher level of performance than other systems to solve today’s industrial track and trace applications. Designed to maximize performance while improving usability out on the line, the BIS V processor provides a functional display and LED’s making status and setup easier. And a USB service interface makes connection for setup to today’s PC’s simple. The BIS V offers these additional functions: 

  • Four asynchronous 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz read/write antenna channels 
  • LCD display with control buttons for setting and displaying the network address and data carrier/tags UID 
  • An integrated IO-Link master port for connecting discrete or analog I/O, or valve manifolds 
  • Industrial IP 65 rated metal housing for almost any application environment 
  • Intelligent power plug option for saving parameters on the device 
  •  Flexible mounting options for hard-point or DIN rail 
  • four head capability
  • single processor platform