Orbital Wrapping Machine

March 15, 2017

TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machine wraps plastic film 360 deg around individual and oddly sized products to permit labeling, storage and transport without needing crates or containers and often without needing pallets.


Ideal for tires, bagged powders, yard and garden products and others, the TAB Wrapper Tornado packaging machines create a smooth, clear surface for applying both shipping labels and/or consumer labels with brand imagery that allow the products to be quickly displayed for retail sale without unpacking, uncrating or depalletizing while also adding weather-resistant protection for transport and placement outdoors.


Containers, pallets, banding and packaging waste may be eliminated at the outset along with several, labor-intensive steps in the packaging process.


Eliminating the need for cumbersome banding, cinching and strapping, the patent-pending TAB Wrapper Tornado wraps stretch film 360 degrees around and under the pallet and over the top of the drums and barrels in multiple layers in seconds to create a tight, durable wrap that promotes safe arrival without scratches, dents, pings and/or spills.

The semi-automatic TAB Wrapper Tornado is operated by a single worker who sets the product on a platform within the wrapping ring and uses either the wireless, remote control, corded control or foot pedal controller to start and stop the machine. Or, the TAB Wrapper Tornado may be continuously fed by conveyor. The orbital wrappers are available in a choice of three standard models with 100", 80" and 40" wrapping rings to accommodate products as large as five feet x five feet of infinite lengths and even larger in custom models upon request.


Manufactured in the company's Reading, Pennsylvania headquarters, the packaging machines ship with a warranty fully assembled and ready to plug in and operate.

  • Wraps standard, oversized and irregularly-shaped loads with no restrictions.
  • Wraps around a horizontal axis, unlike a traditional stretch-wrapper or shrink wrap machine that wraps around a vertical axis.
  • Product can be wrapped confidently without removing the pallet from the forklift or through the utilization of a conveyor system.
  • Securely locks any load to the pallet without the use of banding or strapping.