Fiber Laser Cutting System - Miyachi Unitek Corp

Sept. 12, 2012

Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and laser systems, announces the availability of its Sigma 5 Axis Fiber Laser Cutting System, a unique technology that enables three dimensional cut paths. The Sigma 5 Axis Laser Cutting System features high speed, high precision, position-based firing laser power control, and unique cutting features that make it ideal for use in cutting thin metals, especially those used in precision medical cutting tools. The flexible system configuration of a two axis rotary assembly, mounted to an XY stage, maximizes laser on-part accessibility, system simplicity, and tooling path efficiency for high speed, high precision laser cutting of thin metals. 

It is ideal for thin metals with unique cut paths, non-symmetrical features, beveled edges, off axes cutting, compound angles, and internal cut radii of less than 50 microns. Linear motors and high torque direct drive rotary axes on the Sigma 5 Axis Laser Cutting System have been optimally configured to provide the best performance for speed and quality, while maintaining part dimensional accuracy. The LF series fiber lasers handles focus spot sizes down to 20 microns, and offers high pulse frequency, excellent power and pulse stability, fine control of pulse width, and laser power levels up to 500W, which enables a wide variety of metal and thickness to be cut to high dimensional accuracy. The unique position-based firing control method accommodates multi-linear and rotary axis motion to control the laser pulse frequency for consistent pulse overlap according to the position of the laser spot on the part. 

  • enables three dimensional cut paths
  • high speed, high precision