Ultrasonic Thickness Gage - Danatronics Corp.

Sept. 18, 2012
Danatronics is pleased to announce our EHC-09A model, the world’s first truly affordable ultrasonic thickness gage ($995) with available filed upgradable options. Based on the same field proven durable IP54 rated custom package, the EHC-09A joins our family of thickness gages with unsurpassed features: 
  • Custom sealed keypad
  • Two point calibration
  • .040-20” measurement standard probe in steel
  • 3 probes selection available at 2.25Mhz, 5 Mhz (standard) and 7.5mm
  • Switchable inches, mm or usec 
Multiple language supportField upgradable option: 
  • to base model for alarm
  • echo to echo to ignore coatings
  • 100K reading datalogger including b-scan 
  • Live A-Scan    
  • two point calibration
  • 3 probes selection
  • custom sealed keypad