High Power DC/DC Converter Modules

Sept. 5, 2012

Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. announces the New TEP Series of ultra-compact, high power DC/DC converter modules with 75 up to 240W output power. Packaged in a rugged, sealed metal case with aluminum baseplate and optional heat sink allows full load operation up to 60°C with convection cooling. Featuring 2:1 or 4:1 wide input voltage ranges, high-efficiency up to 93%, under-voltage lockout, reverse input voltage protection, input protection filter and a 3-year product warranty. 

Additional features include EMI Filter to meet EN 55022 Class A, detailed application notes, and additional filtering component recommendations to meet EN 55022 Class B conducted. These modules can be mounted to a printed circuit board, with or without a heat sink, chassis mounted screw terminal connections with filter, and DIN-Rail mount. Typical applications are in telecom/datacom, industry control and transportation/railway systems for on board power distribution. Deliveries range from stock to 8–10 weeks and are competitively priced from $315.00 to under $100.00 in OEM quantities depending upon wattage and options chosen. 

  • 75 up to 240W output power
  • sealed metal case
  • under-voltage lockout