Pressure Sensor - SERVOFLO

Aug. 23, 2012

Servoflo Corporation announces the MS4425 Series of pressure sensors. These temperature-compensated piezoresistive pressure sensors are available in various pressure ranges from 0-1 psi up to 0-300 psi. The MS4425 have a temperature-compensated millivolt output, making it an ideal option for applications where noise and resolution need to be managed. Intended for cost-sensitive applications where excellent performance and long-term stability are required, the MS4425 are compensated from 0C to 50C with ±0.15% of span non-linearity in the gauge and absolute models and have long-term stability of ±0.1mV. 

With a dual-in-line package, the MS4425 has 1/8” barbed ports, which mate with 3/32” ID tubing. The tubes are parallel to the printed circuit board to allow other boards to be located above the sensor.  A vertical mount model (the MS4426) is also available. The MS4425 accepts a 12VDC supply. Typical applications include medical instruments such as infusion pumps, blood pressure equipment and deep vein thrombosis equipment, altitude and airspeed measurements, process control, factory automation and leak detection. 

  • ranges from 0-1 psi up to 0-300 psi
  • temperature-compensated millivolt output
  • dual-in-line package