Locus Max & Locus Vector AMRs

May 10, 2022

Locus Vector and Locus Max are new form factor AMRs for a broad range of warehouse use cases, from e-commerce, case-picking, and pallet-picking to scenarios requiring larger, heavier payloads to support the full range of product movement in warehouses.


Locus Vector is the flexible AMR designed for high-productivity material handling and logistics applications. Built with an industrial-strength chassis, omnidirectional mobility, and compact design, it can be deployed in a wide range of environments, tackling a variety of material handling tasks. Featuring a high payload capacity of up to 600 lb., Vector can easily move anything in your operation: shelf/rack, order picking, and point-to-point material handling. Using its roller-top configuration, Vector easily connects to conveyors, sortation, and other mechanized automation workflows.


Locus Max is the heavyweight AMR designed for safe, autonomous transportation of large and heavy payloads throughout your facility. Featuring an industrial strength chassis, Locus Max’s 3,000 lb. carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility enable smooth movement of your heaviest materials. Max comes with an interface that makes set up and autonomous operation easy.


The LocusBots are fully integrated within LocusOne, the intelligent, multi-bot warehouse orchestration platform that delivers predictable, efficient, and scalable productivity and cost optimization for all product movement within the four walls of the warehouse. The platform centralizes and coordinates a dynamic, multi-bot fleet while also providing detailed, forward-looking, and actionable business intelligence and reporting for effective management and planning.

 VectorMaxDimensions30 x 22 x 20 in. (76 x 56.5 x 51 cm)66 x 47 x 16.5 in. (167 x 118 x 42 cm)Payload CapacityUp to 600 lb. (272 kg)Up to 3,000 lb. (1,361 kg)SafetyDual, 2D safety-rated LiDAROperating Time8 to 10 hours per chargeCharge Time60 minutes to full charge90 minutes to full charge
  • Autonomous charging for opportunity charging
  • Mecanum wheels enable movement in any direction and any orientation
  • Lift deck and cart connector configurations for pickup and movement of cases or carts
  • Autonomous charging, opportunity charging, and on-demand payload power
  • Facility mapping and mission set-up
  • Instantly call and send a robot when you need it