Packing Station

Oct. 15, 2012

Addressing efficiency, organization and critical ergonomics, IAC Industries has introduced a line of manual Packing Stations. The line consists of two primary types: Packing Stations that include a full workbench with all the packaging supply accessories, and the Packaging Accessory Station that enables the conversion of any table, bench or workspace to a fully capable packing and shipping workspace. IAC Industries’ new Packing Stations deliver a platform for a wide range of activities that help keep products moving out the door. Packing Stations are completely configurable by the customer. Beginning with IAC’s rock-solid four-leg workbench, providing a full 1/2-ton load capacity, customers can then select from a wide range of utility accessories to provide the functions needed. Telescoping legs on the bench allow worksurface height adjustment ranging between 30 to 36 inches in 2-inch increments. 

Overall bench sizes range from 30” x 60” to 36” x 72”. Impact- and chemical-resistant laminate is used on the worksurface and features a 180° rolled front edge for comfortable use; solid maple tops are also available. A Channel Upright Assembly attaches to the workbench and supports above-the-worksurface accessories that include shelves, shelf dividers, electrical channels, lighting, and paper/wrap spool holders. Flat panel computer displays and a variety of document holders attach via frame-mounted swing arms to provide ergonomic information access. The open U-shaped Channel Uprights allow infinite positioning of each selected accessory. Below the worksurface, customers can choose to install additional shelving or paper/wrap spool holder accessories to make efficient use of space and bench capabilities. IAC Packing Station bench frames and shelving accessories are finished in durable powder coat paint that is electrostatically applied and baked to a hard, chip-resistant coating. Most other metal parts are finished with texture-black paint. 

  • completely configurable by the customer
  • sizes range from 30” x 60” to 36” x 72”
  • impact- and chemical-resistant laminate