Metal Clad Cable Connectors

Sept. 28, 2012

Remke Industries has expanded its line of Metal Clad (MC) Cable Connectors to include sizes up to 4 inches in 3 different materials – aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum and stainless steel.  All sizes of Remke MC Cable Connectors (1/2” to 4”) are Made In the USA and are in stock.    A key difference between the Remke MC Cable Connector and competitor versions is our PowR-Lock™ Grounding Seal.  The 1-piece construction of the grounding tines and the bushing - an exclusive Remke design - means that the seal can’t come apart and won’t get lost in the field.  

The PowR-Lock Grounding Seal is also smaller in profile and width than those from other manufacturers making it a better fit in tight spaces. Labor & cost savings are another advantage for those using jacketed cable and Remke MC Cable Connectors.  Savings upward of 50% can be realized on the total installation cost versus pipe & wire.  Because MC cable can be installed right off the reel, fewer tools, equipment & laborers are required.  The time-consuming task of bending conduit is eliminated and there is much less scrap which means less waste (e.g. cost).  MC cable installation requires fewer than half the steps of pipe and wire installation.

Features of Remke Metal Clad Cable Connectors include: 

  • Available in sizes up to 4 inches & 3 different materials – aluminum, nickel plated aluminum and stainless steel
  • Speed & Ease of Use – no disassembly required….simply tighten when cable reaches bottom of the connector
  • Embedded O-RingUL & CSA Certified 
  • Meets NEMA 4 and IP 65 requirements
  • Meets UL standards for raintight metal clad cable fitting
  • sizes up to 4 inches in 3 different materials
  • PowR-Lock™ Grounding Seal
  • smaller in profile and width