CAPAROC Electronic Circuit Breaker System

March 1, 2022
The CAPAROC electronic circuit breaker system from Phoenix Contact features customizable overcurrent protection.

Using data-driven power modules to customize overcurrent protection, CAPAROC, an electronic circuit breaker system, makes it easy to design an intelligent system with communication. It features numerous feed-in power modules, circuit breakers, potential distribution modules, and current rails.


The power feed-in module, available in status reset or PROFINET versions, is the “brain” of the system. The status reset uses standard digital input/output to communicate the status of the breakers and to reset tripped channels. The PROFINET power module allows complete control and monitoring of the breakers.


The CAPAROC modules, designed for 12 to 24 V DC applications, include features such as cascaded channel start-up, intelligent tripping, active current limitation, and intelligent load shedding. The system includes remote diagnostics and remote reset, increasing safety and reducing downtime. The tricolored LEDs indicate each channel’s operating state. The circuit breaker modules are available in 1, 2, and 4-channel options.

  • Simple to advanced communication with PROFINET power module
  • Current rail provides uninterruptible power during installation and maintenance
  • Fixed or adjustable nominal current on individual channels
  • Multi-colored LEDs for transparent operating status indication on each channel
  • Manual or remote reset via the reset input
  • Up to 45A in one system
  • Cascaded startup of several loads with high inrush current