DIN Mount DC/DC Converters

Oct. 2, 2012

Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. announces the 75 Watt QCM Chassis Mount DC/DC now available with a DIN mount adapter for industrial process control applications. The QCM Series offers an input range of 18 to 36VDC and 36 to 75VDC with output voltages from 3.3 to 24 Volts DC. The QCM is fully encapsulated with easily accessible recessed barrier strips. The package size is 2.65" x 4.20" x 1.00"H (excluding the DIN adapter on the rear of the unit). 

The DIN option can be obtained by adding a "-DIN" to the QCM part number. The QCM is fully isolated input to output. The isolation voltage is 1544VDC. The operating temperature range of the QCM is -40 to +100C. The storage temperature for all models is -40 to +120C. All models feature remote ON/OFF as well as output voltage trim. The voltage trim range is +/-10%. The units are protected by reverse input voltage protection, pulse by pulse current limiting, dead short current limiting and over-temperature protection. All models are designed to meet UL 60950 and are backed by Calex's Five Year Warranty.

  • DIN mount adapter
  • output voltages from 3.3 to 24 Volts DC
  •  isolation voltage is 1544 V DC