Touch Sensitive Sensors

Oct. 9, 2012

ifm’s new KT Series Capacitive Touch Sensitive Sensors are designed to be used as machine start / stop buttons in the industrial automation, mobile and building automation industries. The sensor’s ergonomic design allows the sensor to be actuated with a hand or single finger. Optical feedback is provided by switching status LEDs. The robust polycarbonate housing is durable, oil resistant, impact and scratch resistant and carries an IP69K NEMA rating. The sensors provide a reliable alternative to mechanical switches that may have a high rate of wear and tear. ifm’s KT Series touch sensors use reliable capacitive technology for start and stop actuation. 

The KT Series sensors are available with one of two sensing principles: dynamic and static. Models with the dynamic capacitive measuring principle detect a hand or finger for actuation; the output signal is actuated for 300 mS. This principle allows the sensor to ignore build up on the sensing face. Dynamic touch sensors suppress interference such as water, layers of ice, or particles that can stick to the sensor face. Even if the operator is wearing a glove, the sensor will trigger. Static touch sensors detect hands and objects for as long as the sensing face is damped. This is particularly useful in two-hand control or anti tie-down applications. Static touch sensors also work through glass. Compared to mechanical switches, the sensors operate without wear, and because they react to light contact, no pressure is required for actuation. The 24 VDC units are available with a 2 meter PUR cable or with 0.3 meter PUR cable with M8 connector for quick connection. Dynamic sensing principle sensors are available with PNP or NPN outputs; static sensing principle sensors are available with PNP outputs. Starting list price for the KT Series Capacitive Touch Sensors is $132.00 (US).

  • polycarbonate housing
  • one of two sensing principles
  • operate without wear