High-Speed Shrinksleeve Labeler

Nov. 12, 2012

PDC International Corporation has introduced a robust, single head shrink labeler.  Designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, the PDC R-500 TS-CB Shrinklabeler applies shrinksleeves at speeds between 500 and 600 labels per minute on a single inline head. The PDC R-500 TS-CB Shrinklabeler incorporates continuous “steady state” movement of sleeving materials during the cutting and application process, using the lowest web speed possible and eliminating indexing of the web found in other systems.  Since all motions are continuous, internal machine and dynamic forces are minimized, resulting in a very stable yet high-speed system. 

The R-500 TS-CB is a mandrel-style labeler which uses PDC’s proprietary blade assembly – a far more effective and longer-lived alternative to the fragile “spinning knives” that are standard in most competitors’ equipment.  Mandrels, feed screws and other “change” parts can all be switched out quickly thanks to PDC’s exclusive "tool-less" changeover feature and menu driven parameters. 

The proprietary product handling system of the PDC R-500 TS-CB provides unsurpassed accuracy of bottle positioning, in the PDC tradition of designing positive, robust mechanical systems.The PDC R-500 TS-CB Shrinklabeler is available in standard or customized configurations, including optional solid stainless steel construction for wash down environments. PDC also offers peripheral systems such as blow-off systems, barcode inspection systems, coders and conveyors.

  • speeds between 500 and 600 labels per minute