Powerpole and Multipole Connectors

Dec. 5, 2012
Anderson Power Products has released a new catalog design that covers the Powerpole and Multipole (SB, SBX, SBE, SBO, SBS) connectors. The updated catalog has a clean modern aesthetic that is focused on ease of use. Product selection guides provide an overview of the features and specifications by connector, thereby enabling speedy navigation directly to appropriate page. 

The new 3 Pole Finger Proof SBS75G connector is introduced in this catalog. The SBS75G features wire and PCB connectors with an IEC60950 touch safe interface UL rated for up to 110 amps, 600 volts AC/DC per pole. The center contact is make-first, break-last in relation to the other two positions and is UL rated for grounding as well as power. Up to date specifications make it easier to select a connector solution with confidence. APP® has retested the largest wire size of all Powerpole and SB connectors to the current UL testing parameters. Retesting produced substantial changes in UL ampere ratings. An example of this is the SB®50 connector which had a previous UL rating of 50 amperes. The new UL ampere rating for the SB50 connector is up to 120 amps with a suitable 6 AWG size wire.