Hydraulic Hose Reels

Dec. 20, 2012
Jet Products LLC has introduced an expanded line of hydraulic hose reels.  The line includes widths for every lift truck used throughout  industry, including ultra-narrow, narrow, medium, wide and specialty, in outboard and inboard spring designs. Jet Products hydraulic hose reels have several distinctive features that make them a prudent alternative for plant managers and lift truck operators who need a high quality replacement hose reel.  Hub construction is all aircraft grade aluminum for strength and durability.  Mounting blocks and spindles are plated with electroless nickel, a high hardness coating that provides long-term corrosion and wear protection.  Mounting blocks also have SAE ports included as standard.  

The welded one-piece spring assembly is a major safety advantage for operators that also enhances reel reliability.  Jet hydraulic hose reels have a premium seal system that is pressure-compensated and leak-proof; it provides reliable service under all conditions, including cold storage.  Seals have been tested and proved by a leading lift truck manufacturer under virtually every operating condition.  When needed, seals are easily replaced, and reinstalled in the rotating member of the assembly.  There is just one seal set for virtually all models, so, for volume purchasers, inventory management is simplified.  The large capacity of the Jet Products design also helps minimize inventories, because fewer models are needed to fill requirements for different upright lift heights.

  • welded one-piece spring assembly
  • large capacity