Nexen Rod Locks!

Dec. 20, 2012
New generation of linear holding/locking devices take rod locking technology to the next level. With superior performance, these spring-engaged, air-released units supplement air cylinders and guide rods for holding in power-off/e-stop situations. High clamping forces ensure positive holding with minimal air required for release. Features: • No Rod Displacement on Engagement•Large Clamping Surface •IP67 Rated [exceeds NEMA 4X]•Fast Response Time •Extremely Low Backlash•Spring-Engaged Units •Profile Matches Cylinder •4 bar [60 psi] Release PressureBenefits: •Maintains Accurate Positioning •Consistent Clamping Force •High Cycle Rates, Accuracy •Precision Holding•Holds Load During Power/Pressure Loss •Compact Unit, Easy Integration •Broad Application