The Series 3500

Dec. 20, 2012
2-way, 2-position Solenoid valve uses the latest combinations of technologies for materials and function which provide the user with the highest quality, smallest size per Cv of flow and most competitive pricing of any valve on the market. The 3500 utilizes the latest injection molding and forging technologies available which combined garner the highest quality yields of components. When coupled with the solenoid operator and used as a direct acting/pilot operated valve, the 3500 gives full flow throughout the pressure range starting with an MOPD of zero psi. The forged body section gives strength and robustness to the valve and is available in 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 NPT sizes. The orifice for all sizes is 12.5mm or 1/2”. The molded pilot section features a push non-locking manual override, high cycle life solenoid parts and quick connect DIN 43650 “A” electrical connection. Typical applications include air control, inert gas control, water, inert fluids, condensate drainage, hot water plumbing and sprinkler systems.  Materials: Valve Body - Brass, Viton Solenoid - Stainless Steel, Copper Wetted Parts Max. Operating Pressure: 230 PSI