VI 5 Vertical Cartoner

Jan. 7, 2022
IWK Packaging Systems' VI 5 Vertical Cartoner is ideal for a wide range of containers and packaging applications.

An intermittent motion machine with an open, accessible work area and a modularly extendable length in an optimized footprint, the VI 5 Vertical Cartoner is suitable for a wide array of containers including bottles, tubes, blister packs, jars, pouches, and bags. The touchscreen-operated cartoner can produce up to 75 cartons per minute, with a format range of 1 to 3.9 in. (25 to 100 mm) long, 0.8 to 3.5 in. (20 to 90 mm) wide, and 2 to 9.1 in. (50 to 230 mm) in height.


Among the VI 5's key features is the ability to change formats quickly. This functional versatility is aided by easy, repeatable changeover steps, a centralized transport height adjustment system, and carton buckets expediently exchangeable through a click system. No adjustment of rails is needed along curves.


The servo-driven, cam-guided transport system offers premium positioning precision. The basic machine comprises 22 carton carriers and a corresponding number of stations; optional transport system extensions can bring the total number of stations as high as 54. Other options, including a leaflet feeder and automatic product loading, also are available.

  • Rapid format change
  • Easy, reproducible format adjustment
  • Format can be rapidly changed by means of central height adjustment of the transport system and quick-change carton carriers based on a click system
  • No guides in the cam area
  • Working principle: Intermittent, vertical
  • Open and accessible working space
  • Easy to clean
  • Touchscreen operator panel (HMI)
  • For a range of packaging applications (e.g. bottles, tubes, blisters, jars, pouches, etc.)
  • Fully servo-driven