Appleton Mfg. Division is pleased to announce the addition of a Light Duty CartMover to its line of compact, battery-powered material handling devices. It was developed in response to customer feedback and market research which indicated a need for a device with an even smaller footprint and weight capacity than the current Appleton CartMover.   

The Light Duty CartMover is targeted for applications where the required load to be moved is at the lower end of the Standard Duty model’s 100 to 20,000 lb capability. The Light Duty model consists of  a more upright configuration with a self-contained, on board charging system.  These factors mean it can be delivered to customers at a lower price point. Built using the same steel frame construction as the Standard Duty model, the new Light Duty model also features:

  • Differential drive system
  • Compact size for ease of use
  • On board charging
  • Variable Speed Throttle Control
  • "Belly Button" POGO / E-Stop
  • Programmable Speed Controller
  • Rugged multi-surface wheels
  • self-contained, on board charging system
  • compact size for ease of use