Pancake® Air Cylinders are Drop-in Interchangeable

Jan. 12, 2018
Fabco-Air, Inc.'s Pancake cylinders offer an extremely smooth, self-lubricating interior surface.

The Original Pancake bodies are bored out of solid aluminum bar stock. Such rugged construction provides unequaled strength, rigidity, and piston rod support while maintaining perpendicularity and concentricity for locating, mounting, and making attachments to the rod.


Conventional tie-rod/spacer, Pancake configurations are also available in both a round-head and square-head design. Packed with value – Stainless steel tie bolts lock precision-machined heads tightly around a unique, high strength, composite cylinder barrel. Extremely smooth, self-lubricating interior surface ensures highly reliable performance and extended seal life. High impact resistance reduces the chances of cylinder failure due to dings or dents. Zero slip-stick avoids problems that metal cylinders encounter when the piston remains static for extended periods of time. Hard chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods and nonmetallic rod bearings assure optimal operation for extended product life.

All Pancake series cylinders have:

  • 303 hard chrome plated stainless piston rods
  • Internally captured, non-metallic rod bearings can NOT "blow out" and have a loading capacity of 60,000 psi vs. 4,500 psi porous bronze
  • Magnetic position sensing options
  • Usable in vacuum applications
  • Bores 1/2 - 4 in.
  • Strokes 1/16-12 in.
  • Multi-Power, force-multiplying models
  • 2 & 3 position models
  • Twin rod, non-rotating, guided motion models are available with Original Pancake and Pancake II cylinders.
  • Twin rod, non-rotating, guided motion models are also available in Square Pancake II cylinders. Note: Square Pancake II bores: 3/4- 4 in.