Ty-Rap® Polyester-Coated Stainless Steel Ball-Lock Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts provide greater safety than other stainless steel cable ties by featuring a low-smoke, halogen-free polyester coating, which releases fewer toxins if burned. Additional safety features include rolled edges on the strap, which eliminates the risk of damage to cables and injury to installers. The polyester coating also provides the cable ties, constructed of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, with additional protection against corrosion, including corrosion from contact with dissimilar materials, as well as against impact, abrasion and cracking. Ty-Rap® Polyester-Coated Stainless Steel Ball-Lock Cable Ties also are resistant to extreme temperatures, with an operating range of minus 40 F to 302 F (minus 40 C to 150 C).  

“These cable ties add an extra level of safety, while operating under continuous exposure to extremely harsh environments,” said Chad Smith, director, product management at Thomas & Betts. “These products are ideal for the demanding applications of offshore drilling rigs, petroleum refineries, shipyards and chemical processing plants. The unique design features and materials also reduce risks to personal safety and cable integrity.”   As with all Ty-Rap® stainless steel ball-lock ties, Ty-Rap® Polyester-Coated Stainless Steel Ball-Lock Cable Ties feature a pointed tail to enable fast and easy insertion and a low-profile ball in a wedge-shaped head that locks the tie securely in place.   

  • low-smoke, halogen-free polyester coating
  • rolled edges on the strap