Speaker Features Extended Frequency Range

July 18, 2018
ISL's speaker has an average sensitivity of 82dB at 1m/1W.

Ultra-thin, small, and lightweight, the PZ-94 harsh environment piezoelectric loudspeaker for broad frequency range applications may be driven by low power.  The speaker reproduces voice in the frequency response range of 450 HZ to 20 kHZ, and is tested to MIL-STD-810, method 509.1 (salt fog).  The PZ-94 loudspeaker system features a high-strength phenolic cone to provide resistance to humidity, external shock, and vibration, while the low dynamic mass of its drive mechanism enhances transient response.  As a piezo ceramic device does not generate an electromagnetic field, OEMs are further ensured their products meet all applicable EMC requirements and regulations. 


Ideally suited for use in MRI suites and Department of Defense (DoD) applications, the speaker’s robust design, small form factor and ability to reliably perform in harsh environments makes the component equally appropriate in a variety of medical devices, transportation modes, portable, and industrial products.  It is commonly specified in outdoor, car audio, instrumentation, portable electronics, public address, and paging applications.  The PZ-94 is also applicable for producing ultrasound in sonar systems.


In addition to featuring an extended frequency response range and tested to water resistance of coatings under a condition of 100% relative humidity, the ruggedized PZ-94 offers a nominal power handling capacity of 50 W (EIA RS426) (8? system reference).  It has an average sensitivity rating of 82 dB @ 1W/1m, and typically appears as a 1.5 µF capacitor. The speaker measures 94 mm/3.70 in. in diameter with an approximate thickness of 15 mm/0.590 in.; weight is 33 g (1.1 oz.).


  • Frequency Response: 450 Hz to 20kHz
  • Average Sensitivity: 82dB at 1m/1W
  • Max. Power Handling Capacity: 50 W (EIA RS426) (8? system reference)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° – 105°C
  • Typical Impedance: Appears as a 1.5?F Capacitor
  • Shock Test: 1,000G, 1ms
  • Humidity Test: 100% RH (MIL STD 810C; Method 509.1; Salt Fog)
  • Weight: 1.10 oz (33g)