Imagers Decode Small, Difficult Symbols

May 13, 2017

MicroHAWK UHD barcode reader and smart cameras are built to decode symbols with an x-dimension that can be almost invisible to the naked eye. System can decode dot matrix 2D symbols and direct part marks used in electronics manufacturing, as well as small or difficult-to-read symbols with an x-dimension down to 0.0254mm.


The MicroHAWK series includes a fully-integrated imaging engine and three industrial-rated miniature imagers. Together with Microscan's browser-based WebLink user interface for barcode reading, intuitive AutoVISION Software, or advanced Visionscape Software, the MicroHAWK platform enables the decoding of any symbol, recognition of any text, and inspection of any part feature to accomplish any automation task based on visible data. MicroHAWK offers a single hardware solution that meets various decoding and inspection tasks, in any integration space, and at any experience level.