New four foot LED T-series style bulb that replaces T8 and T12 fluorescent bulbs.  The LEDT8-28W-V1 28 watt LED tube bulb delivers 2,750 lumens and is available in 5600K and 4300K color. Larson Electronics released the LEDT8-28W-V1 LED T-series bulb that produces 2,750 lumens per bulb for T8 and T12 fluorescent lamp retrofit replacements.  Available in a nominal 4 foot length, this high lumen output LED tube has an internal driver, meaning the bulb does not require and additional external driver.  

Operators simply connect either 120/277 VAC or 12/24 VDC directly to the lamp to energize it.  The ETL listed T-series style LED bulb represents that latest and highest output of a line of LED bulbs encompassing form factors ranging from Par bulbs to A19 style bulbs. “At this time, I don’t think there is another LED T-series tube on the US market delivering 2,750 lumens, said Rob Bresnahan with  “At the same time, it also has higher wattage than 

  • replaces T8 and T12 fluorescent bulbs
  • delivers 2,750 lumens
  • nominal 4 foot length