Model 108HL High-Level Bulk Depalletizer

Jan. 23, 2013

The Model 108HL high-level bulk depalletizer is the solution for packagers who need reliable depalletizing with top flexibility, easy installation, and quick payback. This machine smoothly transfers containers from the pallet stack and sweeps them gently onto a high-level discharge conveyor at speeds of 4 layers/min. It offers the flexibility to run plastic, glass, aluminum, steel or composite containers interchangeably with no change of parts. It can automatically remove and stack picture frames, tier sheets, inverted trays, and pallets.


Top performance is guaranteed by its rugged design and quality production features that ensure gentle container handling and quiet operation. As the pallet remains stationary during depalletizing, there's no risk of pallet instability. Features to ensure positive container handling include 4 containment devices, a tier sheet stabilizer, and a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism that maintains container stability even when depalletizing lightweight containers.


The Model 108HL offers discharge elevations up to 12 ft (4 m).

  • Run glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, and composite containers on one machine
  • Changeover requires no tools or change parts
  • Heavy steel frame construction
  • Mechanical primary and secondary layer squaring before sweep-off
  • Electro-mechanical dual chain-driven sweep bar
  • Automatic container height detector
  • 4 side containment devices on the sweep carriage
  • Stainless steel, reinforced transfer table with tapered stripper plate
  • Picture frame and slip-sheet remover/ stacker
  • Empty pallet stacker
  • Powered full pallet feed
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Counterweighted elevator table
  • Adjustable guard rails on elevator table
  • Programmable logic control of operation
  • IEC motor starters
  • Variable frequency motor drives
  • Quick disconnect non-contact sensing devices with LED indicators
  • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • Elevated beacon fault light
  • PLC electronics for precise control of machine operation
  • Standard fault detection features
  • Set-up for daily, shift or batch runs
  • Simple sequence for auto/manual functions
  • Diagnostic status report screen
  • Input/output machine status