Dc/Dc Converter - Green Watt Power Inc.

Jan. 4, 2013

Green Watt Power a division of Calex Mfg. Co. announces the 450 Watt EVD-89-S- 450-G3201 DC/DC converter. The EVD is a ruggedized DC/DC converter suitable for electric vehicle, marine, industrial and other applications which draw power from a bank of batteries or another high voltage DC power source. The input range of the EVD is 50 to 125VDC. The output voltage range is 13.6VDC to 14VDC, making the unit ideal for powering on board accessories, lights, instruments, etc. The output current rating of the EVD is 33A with output surge capability up to 45A. 

The EVD-89-S-450-G3201 is isolated input to output. The isolation voltage is 1500VAC. Overall output voltage accuracy is +/- 3%. Line and load regulation is +/-0.02% and 5% respectively. Output ripple is 130mV peak to peak. The efficiency of the unit is 90%. The ambient operating range is -40 to +55C. The unit is protected by Over Voltage Protection, Thermal Overload Shutdown and Short Circuit Protection and backed by Green Watt Power’s Five Year Warranty. The EVD-89-S-450-G3201 measures 6.22” x 6.69” x 1.97” high. The converter is fully encapsulated for rugged reliability. The EVD case has flanges for convenient mounting and flying leads are available making the unit suitable for a variety of interconnect requirements.

  • input range is 50 to 125VDC
  • output voltage range is 13.6VDC to 14VDC
  • isolated input to output