Bi-Color PML50 Harsh Environment PMI Series

April 5, 2023


Bi-Color PML50 Harsh Environment PMI Series are flex-power, bi-color, and water/dust-tight PMIs that are ideal for a range of harsh environment applications, including:  

  • Automation and controls
  • Industrial
  • Outdoors, maritime, oil & gas
  • High-humidity, sunlight or rain-exposed conditions
  • High-vibration environments
  • Railroad & transportation
  • Safety systems


Five bi-color options (red/green, red/blue, yellow/green, yellow/blue, and red/yellow) simplify the interface and reduce component costs. Engineers can leverage VCC’s FlexVolt technology to secure safe and reliable operation for circuits ranging from 5 to 28V DC. IP67-rated, these ruggedized PMIs offer reliable and continuous operation under the hardest working conditions. With RoHS and REACH compliance, count on these engineered PMIs to deliver up to 100K hours of operation.

 Mounting Hole  0.70 in.(180 mm) Terminal 24 AWG 5.5-in. color-coded wire leads Colors Single: Red, Green, White, Blue, Yellow
 Bi-color: Red/Green, Red/Blue, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Blue, Red//Yellow  Lens Flat profile with clear lens Voltage FlexVolt 5 to 28V DC Compliance RoHS, Reach